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International Moving

Here is a quick check list of jobs to be done before your international relocation:

– Start your consular and embassy contact program at least 3 months prior to your moving day.

– Check the list of documents which are needed to enter and work in a foreign country. The need for specific documents varies from one country to another and takes a very long time to get organized. So you must start with the preparation early.

– Check the importation rules of your goods to the destination country. There are many items which might entail an ‘exemption.’ This means that you can save a lot of money on customs duty and other import taxes on goods taken as your personal effects.

– Check the validity status of all the members of your family who are traveling with you.

– Obtain work permit for you as well as for your spouse, in case he or she decides to work in the destination country.

– If you are interested in driving in the foreign country, get your international driving permit ready.

– Educate yourself as well as other members of the family on the cultural and social scenario. Learn about the customs, holidays and festivals of this new country.

– Try and attend some language classes to familiarize yourself with some basic language skills which are relevant to your destination country. You could even buy CDs which can be watched by the entire family. There are many expatriate sites which give good guidance to new entrants.

– Check the rules governing the electricity, phones, internet etc in the destination country.

– Get familiar with the currency of your destination country.

– Get as much information about real estate in the new country of destination. it is always recommended to rent a home rather than buy it initially as re-sale laws in some countries can make things very difficult when you want to return.

– There are many reputed international relocation companies which offer personal guidance to international moving customers. They also help you to locate good homes, open bank accounts and help you with the basic amenities like gas, electricity, water and telephone in a new country.

– If you have school going children, do all your research well in advance. There are many international organizations which give the accreditation of the curriculum and assure of educational levels which are comparable to those available in the country of origin.

– Look out for all the information you can gather regarding health care facilities, emergency care which are available in the city of your destination. The internet provides excellent information for all types of travelers regarding health care and the various precautions to be taken while traveling or settling in a particular country. Details of good hospitals and the structure of healthcare system as prevailing in the country of destination are important. In this regard, it is wise to buy a comprehensive international health insurance policy to cover yourself as well as members of your family.

– Many countries require all entrants to be adequately vaccinated and immunizes. Some of these vaccines require lengthy schedules – your family doctor would be the best person to advise you on such issues. But make sure that you and your family follow all immunization schedules. You might be asked to show all the reports at the port of entry.

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