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Auto Moving

Cost of shipping the car when you are relocating to another city is a cause of major concern for many. Here are the factors which are broadly responsible for adding to the overall cost of transporting the vehicle:

– What method of shipping did you opt for – open or enclosed trailer? While enclosed trailers add to the cost, it can assure complete protection to your car from road and weather conditions, as it is transported in a form of a mobile storage unit. Open trailers on the other hand can be partially or fully open and can not provide that kind of protection, though both methods of shipping are safe. So if you have chosen enclosed carriers, it could add to your overall cost.

– What is the size of your vehicle? All vehicles do not weight the same. There are many ‘over-sized’ cars which are heavier than standard vehicles and you might be charged an additional fee for your ‘heavy’ vehicle. This is because the car will occupy for space in the truck.

– Another way to save on cost is to book a Maryland car carrier which carries a lot of cars. Remember, the more number of cars a carrier carries, the rates also diminish accordingly. But the problem here is that the moment the number of cars increase, you will have problems in booking your reservation at the scheduled date and time, as there is tremendous rush for such large carriers. As you share one trailer with many cars, the rate may become slightly cheaper, though you might have to put in more effort in time scheduling. On the other hand booking your car in smaller trailers will assure you of timely delivery as there are fewer cars to deliver. But the cost might be higher.

– Pick up and delivery options also affect the price. Many people prefer door to door delivery and pick up. While this is definitely more convenient, it can cost you more, for availing that extra convenience. The cost-saving option is to go for terminal to terminal pick up and delivery. Here you simply drive down the car to the nearest terminal located near your home and drop the car there. It will then be loaded on to the moving truck and delivered to the nearest terminal located near your home at the destination city. You just have to make sure that there is someone to take delivery of your car when it arrives at the destination.

– Your car moving cost may get hiked if you buy additional insurance. To save on this cost, enquire first with your existing car insurance company whether the car is covered during transit. If yes, then you do not have to purchase any additional insurance, but if not, then it is advisable to buy extra coverage during the time that your car is on the road. Most reputed car Maryland moving companies offer exclusive insurance coverage while the car is in transit. Enquire from the moving company what kind of coverage you can expect and then make your purchase decision accordingly.

These are the broad areas which can affect the overall car moving cost. If you are aware of the pros and cons of each of these options, then you can take a considered decision before preparing your car for relocation.

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